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Main Zinda Hoon

Was just going through a script on Director Sudhir Mishra when i came across this title. Since it is quite apt for my comeback post, I decided to borrow it for this particular post. My apologies to Mr. Mishra!

So, where have I been??? Nowhere actually. Just haven't got down to writing, mostly because of the lack of time, and to some extent due to pure, unadulterated laziness. My apologies to everyone who has been writing sarcastic comments about this on my blog as well as on their own :-)

This has been one long weekend, with just Monday spoiling the opportunity for getting 5 holidays in a row. And yes, I did not go home for Diwali this year also!!! The idea was to rest in Bombay. But as always, holidays are becoming more hectic than work-days, what with all the socializing, drinking sessions, movie watching et al!

Watched both Don and Jaan-e-mann over the weekend...obviously! Don on Friday evening and Jaan-e-mann on Saturday afternoon. Didn't have too many expectations from either of them, but one of them did manage to surprise me.

Don first, since it came first in the chronological order of my watching it. Frankly, I still haven't got the point- why did Farhan Akhtar make this movie? I am sure that an acclaimed director like him, with an established scriptwriter for a father, would not find it too difficult to find an original script on which to make a movie. But as the great Lord Buddha said,"Vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi"(When disaster is destined, you start making stupid decisions- very loosely)! Did Farhan not know that people will compare this movie with the original at every step? Was he not aware that SRK is no Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka is no Zeenat Aman, and worst of all, Arjun Rampal is no Pran- Koi Chance Nahi! The characters were the same, the dialogues were the same, the songs were the same, so what did Farhan Akhtar have to do for making the movie? This guy seems to be lazier than even me! One twist(a good one, I must admit) does not, and cannot make this movie original. All said and done, it is as good or as bad as a remixed song, and we all know my views on them!!!

Jaan-e-mann, on the other hand, was a revelation. It is a movie that everyone who appreciates and enjoys Bollywood kitsch will absolutely love, and that is the precise reason why my old bete-noire Mayank Shekhar(who, incidentally, does reviews for OUR channel)has given it just 1.5 stars while giving 3.5 stars to Don. He is the same guy who trashed Main Hoon Na on the front page of Mid Day on the day of it's release. IT's all a matter of the right sensibilities. But wait, I digress. Jaan-e-mann is a movie which you should not watch. Yes, you read me right. It is a movie which you should allow the wonder-struck child in you to watch. It is an experimental movie in terms of the treatment, and if the windows of your mind are open, trust me you will laugh through the movie and clap joyfully after every two minutes. It is one of those movies. But I should not forget to mention Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan- they make a great pair, as always. Preity looks old in places. The songs, if you listen to them on a CD, are very ordinary. But within the movie, they are just perfect in terms of the music, the lyrics and above all, the picturization.

That's all for now folks. A belated Happy Diwali and non-belated Eid Mubarak to all of you. May the Force be with you.

p.s. A note for my non-Hindi speaking readers: The title of this post means- I am Alive!

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Would just like to point out that while I make snarky comments about all sorts of things on my blog, none of them have been directed at your shocking and appalling lack of posts. And I have a strange sense of dread that I will have the flip-flop opinion of yours on these movies (if I get to see Jaan-e-Mann anytime soon, that is), and then you will fuss at me.
@Obi: Well well welcome back :). Jaan-e-mann huh? Somehow didnt think it would be all that good. But hey, if you think it good enough to reco it, I suppose its worth a shot :).
PS The only good thing about actually having a blog is being able to comment on yours :p.
N happy diwali to you too n Eid Mubarak (somehow miss India most on Eid simply cos no biriyani :( )
Oooh forgot to claim 1st:)
2nd :)

Good to see back on your blog! Had never expected Don to amaze, and wasn't planning to watch it, except for the IP angle :) Am with you on the remix thing - HATE EM!!!!!! I haven't much hopes on Sholay either... what do you think?
Hmm.. Finally!! I'm glad you are alive and writing :D

So, there is someone lazier than you, huh? :-)

BTW, I'm 3rd.
I liked DON.Stop comparing the two films will ya..
Obi, I'd been wanting to ask you for a long time but kept forgetting.. What's the meaning of your blog title? (Ok, I'll go pray now, for getting an answer within 2 months ;-))
Beth: I wasn't referring to you :-) And I am sure you'll love Jaan-e-mann, so the situation will not arise!

Revealed: Thank you thank you, I'm gratified :-)

Revealed again: Congrats :-)

Cloudy: Congrats. Ramu's Sholay is going to be a disaster. Mohit Ahlawat in Bachchan Saab's role??? Forget it!

Sunshine: Yes, me alive! And congrats :-)

EU: Farhan akhtar invited the comparisons by going in for this rfemake. I think it is only natural that people will compare the two. And am glad you liked the movie! 'tis a matter of personal choice of course, you liked the movie, I didn't :-)

Sunshine: It's an old Hindi saying, and one which I am extremely fond of using. I briefly explained the concept in my 1st ever post on this blog. I'll briefly expand upon it!
The name of my blog is derived from my philosophy in life- 'Jagah Dil mein Honi Chahiye'(Space should be in the heart). Quite often, we allow our lives to be constrained by minor limitations- my philosophy is the answer to all of them. We CAN accomodate anything and anyone in our lives if we really want to, lack of space(or time for that matter) is just an excuse!
Welcome back, Obi! :)
Beautiful explanation of your title for Sunshine :)
I have been guilty of making just those excuses you ask to steer clear of. Gotta jump that FIFO queue for your services, Dr. Obi "Shrink" Wan.
@Cloudy: Dr.Obi "Shrink" Wan!! lol :D

@Obi: Thank you for explaining :-)
belated diwali wishes to you too and Eid Mubarak.

Hmm, wonder what you have to say abotu Umrao Jaan. (stomach cringes)
main bhi jinda hoon anurag bhaiyya ;)
bad obi
gud adi
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Here's a birthday wish for you... thought this would be pefect for someone whose wishes run on the lines of 'sau bacchhon...'

Jaate hue kuch aisa kar ke jayo kaam
Ki har galli se awaaz aaye 'Abba jaan abba jaan'

Care to translate? :-))))
Happy B'day, Pobi (abba jaan?)
Yeah, just so it rhymes with 'kaam' I guess *shrug*

I love spamming old posts, don't you? ;-)
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