Monday, July 10, 2006


Tag tag ki baat hai!

A sure-fire way to write when you haven't been getting too much time to think is to execute a tag. Thankfully, a tag has indeed fallen on my lap, by lazy leo this time. Have been avoiding doing it for some days, but have decided to finally do it today. So, here goes nothing...

I am thinking about
a drastic change, and wondering if so much stress is really worth it!

I said
what I believed was right, and to hell with diplomacy!

I want
to make a movie, write a book, teach, make a career out of reading and watching movies!

I wish
I could do something about the Shiv Sena goons holding my adopted city hostage, about the priests demanding a probe into the 'desecration' of the Sabrimala temple because a woman had touched the idol, about our Government which believes that merit is a four-lettered word, while caste is cool!

I miss
the lazy, bindaas life of my MBA days, mom's food, LIFE!

I hear
the rain falling on the roof and it makes me happy.

I wonder
if the winner of this rat-race will be a rat or a human!

I regret
nothing major. Would still take the same decisions, because they were all my decisions.

I am

I dance
when I am out drinking with friends and Amitabh/Govinda numbers start playing!

I sing
anytime, anywhere.

I cry

I am not always
perfect, only most of the time :-)

I write
whenever I have a good story to tell.

I confuse
people who know me superficially. To my friends, I am extremely predictable.

I need
to be less wired up!

I should
do what my heart tells me, not what I 'should' do!

I finish
at least one book a week.

I tag
nobody! As I've already mentioned before, no Roman volunteers on my blog.

May the Force be with you.

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