Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This blog is not Lawaaris!

In the end, it was not the lack of time, neither the lack of mindspace, that lead to this blog almost becoming Lawaaris...it was just plain, old boredom and laziness, my arch-nemesis both! 'So how have you suddenly come back from the dead?', my dear reader friends might just ask me! Well, it was a combination of two factors: a) A new friend who has been after my life for the last few days to revive this blog, and b) my old blog-friend AFJ, whose blog I visited today for the 1st time post the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, who tagged me on her blog, and publicly asked me to do the tag 'for old times' sake'! Well, noblesse oblige and all that, this being a time as good as any, I have decided to get a bit more on my blog front! Yeah yeah, haven't we heard it before? What can I possibly say to convince you guys! We shall see what we shall see :-) So on to the tag. 9 things about myself out of which 1 is a lie. Keh do yeh jhooth hai!!! Sorry sorry, I digress. Let's start the tag...

1. I am one of the laziest souls on Mother Earth, inertia being my middle name! I keep on procrastinating till I can, then just give up at times if too much time has passed or I have got too bored!

2. I don't convert to new ideas very easily, but once I am convinced of the strength and validity of an idea, I lend my complete, whole-hearted support to it!

3. I love the mountains much more than I love the sea. Maybe one reason is that I get exposed to a lot of sea here in Bombay, while mountains are a tad bit difficult to come by!

4. I call myself 'mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent'. That is because I am a pushover in most matters, especially in my interactions with my close friends. But there are occassions when I feel the urgent urge to assert myself, when unfortunately, instead of turning into Superman, I get all mixed up and become the Incredible Hulk instead!

5. I am incredibly bad at decision-making, especially in my day-to-day personal life. Often, the biggest decision facing me, with the potential of changing the destinies of nations is: Where should we have lunch today?

6. Despite being a self-proclaimed movie buff, I am yet to see some of the all-time greats of Indian and Western cinema, including Mother India and Mughal-e-Azam!

7. Mess tends to accumulate around me, and I notice it only when it has become quite unmanageable. My office desk is a typical case in point.

8. I find it very difficult to watch horror films, get quite scared after the movie is over because my over-active imagination comes into play. I'd slept with my room lights on when I had come back at night after watching Ramu's 'Bhoot' for example!

9. I am almost an anarchist when it comes to my views on the Indian Polity, the Govt. and it's interference in people's lives. And I am not referring to the big issues, I am talking about helmet laws for example- How can the Govt force me to wear a helmet? If I am involved in an accident and die, it is my problem, it is not affecting the Govt. in any way, so why force me?

That's about it for now, have to get back to work. It's a modest start, but a start nevertheless. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya :-)

May the Force be with you!


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