Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Weirdos from another planet!

July 10th. That was the day on which I last wrote on this blog. The reasons for this one month hiatus are not hard to find. It started with the Indian government's ban on blogspot, because of which Indian ISPs didn't allow me to access my blog. Though the misplaced ban was lifted within a few days, the ISP for our company coolly continues the ban till today. I still can't access any blog except through torpark, which, I am told, is a proxy server(whatever that means)!

The other reason I don't even need to repeat, it's my standard excuse :-)

Anyways, while I was away, I was tagged by AFJ(who herself has been out of action for centuries), to list down six weird things about myself. Not too difficult a task, people who know me would say! So, here it is, in no particular order:

1) If someone comments on my food when I am in the process of eating it, I leave the food item there and then. Don't like anybody saying "don't eat this or you'll become fat" kind of things!

2) I talk to myself, aloud! Actually, I don't believe this is weird at all. I have checked it up with a lot of people and I now have a theory on this. The theory is: Almost everyone talks aloud to himself/herself, but only a few of us come out of the closet and admit it openly.

3) I have this violent hatred towards that green leafy food(food???) item that we call dhaniya, the Maharshtrians call kothambir, and the English speaking world knows as coriander or cilantro. In fact, I am a member of this global online community called! Can't stand even one leaf in my food, and am known to return food in restaurants if I detect a single leaf in it, despite me having warned the waiter while placing the order itself.

4) Whenever I am agitated or nervous, I start rubbing my hands together. This habit has rubbed off on non-agitated, non-nervous times also, so you will often see me rubbing my hands together for no apparent reason. In many circles, I am recognized by my hand-rubbing habit rather than my face!

5) I have this inexplicable 'need' to come to office by 10AM everyday, howsover late I might have stayed up at night, working or partying. What makes it even more weird is that it is perfectly acceptable in our office to come in at any time, as long as you are delivering your work according to deadlines.

6) And finally, my OCD for grammar- it's too well-documented for me to repeat :-)

That does it. Got stuck towards the middle, and for a minute, I actually thought that I had only 3-4 weird habits. Then I introspected and said, "Naaaaah. not possible!" The balance ones flowed quite easily after that.

That's all folks, I hope I don't wait for another month before writing my next post!

May the Force be with you.

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