Sunday, May 07, 2006


Another weekend!

After a long time, I have actually started looking forward to weekends. Last weekend saw me go on a shopping binge and blowing up 41K. This weekend didn't involve any spending from my side, but I still had quite a decent time.

Saturday, as usual, was working for us. Have got quite used to having 6-days weeks, but it still hurts when work on Saturdays extends till 10-10.30 PM and you are left with neither the time, nor the energy to indulge in any meaningful leisure activity like partying or watching a movie. My adventures this Saturday started much before I left office. Our bosses and the sales team are on a junket to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and taking full advantage of the situation, more than half of our team bunked office that day. There were only 4 of us in office that day, and had some stretch deliverables for that day in terms of promo despatches. Now, I normally don't have too many issues with people enjoying while I work(though I resent it obviously), but if it affects my deliverables then I have a big issue. One particular colleague had not only bunked office, but was also not taking phone calls, and work was getting stuck because of it. I got so angry that I SMSd my boss and this colleague's boss in Abu Dhabi, saying that we won't be able to deliver the promos on that day, since that guy was not taking calls. And, we are going home since we are sick of waiting in office, doing nothing! Led to a lot of repurcussions, some of which I will face when the bosses come back tomorrow, but the main thing is that wheels started turning and we were able to despatch 2 out of those 3 promos! That's enough for me!

Was able to leave office by 8.30. Had to go to a friend's place for a party. Went straight there, even though his place is quite close to mine. Didn't have the energy to go home and change(first you climb up 3 floors, change, then climb down, then walk for 5 minutes, then climb up another 3 floors to reach his place... just too much work!)! Had a blast that night. A small group of people in a small room, good music, and lots of booze... you get the picture! The highlight of the party ws this friend of the host, who is also a film photographer like my friend. When this guy came in, we were informed that he has a special tatoo below his right shoulder, that people are ready to pay to see. All of us being of the highly curious variety, we immediately started pestering him to show us the tatoo. "After 4 pegs", he said quite firmly! All right, you have a deal! I took upon myself the huge responsibility of ensuring that his 4 pegs happened asap. He was a Rum & Coke drinker, so I enjoyed making drinks for him of course! 4 pegs happened in record time and the moment arrived! He took off his shirt and we saw... a tatoo of Amitabh Bachchan in shackles, from the movie 'Kaaliya'! A huge round of applause and loud cheering obviously happened, leading to yet another round of protests from the neighbours! A round of drunken singing of Amitabh hits happened before we dispersed for the night!

As is usual after a wild night, yesterday was a relatively calm day! Since Sundays cannot go without me having watched a movie, I went and watched 'Nanny McPhee' with a friend. The basic premise of The Sound of Music/Parichay' with a magical twist, Emma Thompson's script had a lot of scope for a fun kids movie. But it was an OK kind of movie, too cliched and predictable, but still timepass, cute entertainment!

And then, I rested!

May the Force be with you!

:), next time don't let me be mean to you.Now I am feeling guilty..
Wow, I'm impressed with your ability to take up "Huge responsibilities" ;-)and deliver results.
Hi Obi Wan! Looks like you finally had some fun after the last backbreaking weekend! Singing Amitabh Bachchan songs while your drunk... awwww.. I miss my friends. They sing AB songs without being drunk, especially "Khaike Paan Banaraswala."

You can charge the Billy Biswas book to me anytime! Maybe I could borrow it! :P I think I did not mention it in my blog post but the book that you picked up is out of print and probably is worth a lot like a collectible or something! :)

This is turning out like a letter but I have to tell you. I contacted Beth. She's on my Gtalk list now. I tried to mail you but your yahoo mail ID given in your profile didn't work.
Wow! So you did have a sooooooooper weekend! :D
MAA KASAMMMMM!!!!! ... LIFE SUCKS, MAN!!! Don't know how far your channel will go if your bosses are away on junkets on a non-happening event, and then you have to pull the weight for other deadwood in your 'team' (i use the word only metaphorically) But glad to know you had a good time that night, even if it was only with amitabh bachchan. Keep the posts coming. Haven't got to see any movie reviews of late. Did you catch Tom Dick and Harry? sucks big time!!!!! Aaargh!!! Dipak Tijori should be locked in a steel tijori and exported to wherever they don't make movies. I'm really worried coz he's also planning another movie!
EU: I am sure you don't 'mean' it!

sunshine: Taking up 'huge responsibilities' seems to be my destiny :-)

AFJ: We too sing without being drunk, but it helps when the throat is properly lubricated! And what price the book will be in the future doesn't really matter na, it's not that I'm going to ever sell any book of mine!

Rita: Yes, I did, but too short unfortunately :-)

earpanel: Had passes for the premiere, gave them away, really not in the frame of mind for handling so much torture :-)
No No I 'mean' everything I say.
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