Saturday, April 29, 2006


Totally random...

All right, have been away from active blogging for too long. A Saturday in office, where I am the only one from our team here, is as good a time as any to write something on my much-neglected blog! There's only one slight hitch: I have no idea what I am going to write about! "But since when has the want of a topic stopped you from speaking?", my friends will immediately object...and rightly so! For someone who takes great pride in 'never saying in 2 words what you can say in 20', writing without a topic should not be a big deal at all! So, here goes...

The 1st thing that I have decided is that there won't be any cribbing at all in this post, this will be a totally positive post. For too long now have I been going on and on about my inhuman working hours, undue stress, and the worst... these strange creatures called 'demons'! Not any more(at least till the next post that is!).

I am sitting on my desk, watching 'Hum' on a cable channel! Was getting slightly bored of watching my channel constantly, so started surfing, and stumbled upon the movie. It's just started, and the cult song of the movie is currently on! No prizes for guessing this one: 'Jumma Chumma de de'! I love watching Hum again and again, it is a totally filmy film! Formulae galore, Bachchan sa'ab at his best, with a new 'distinguished' look with grey hair, lost-and-found, twists-and-turns, but most importantly, cult dialogues and characters. Sample some of them: Amitabh as Tiger, the 'dada' of the dockyards(godi), Danny as Bakhtawar(the king of the godi) who loves his children so much that he is ready to kill anyone who disturbs their sleep, Kimi Katkar as 'Jumma'- the love of Tiger's life who sacrifices her own happiness so that Tiger can take care of his step-brothers... The list goes on and on. But my favorite character from the movie is 'Private General Giridhar', played brilliantly by Anupam Kher! Who can forget his famous Haryanvi accent(and pronouncing 'j' as 'z') when he addresses his sidekick Annu Kapur-"Arzun Singh, kitni baar kaha hai tuzhe, teer mat chhorha kar"(Arzun Singh, how many times have I told you- do not shoot arrows)! Or my personal favorite, when he is just about to set fire to Bakhtawar's wife and daughters - "Bhabhizee bhabhizee swweet bhabhizee! Ab bhabhizee aur bachchezee aag se khelenge"(Sweet sister-in-law! Now sis-in-law and her kids will play with fire!)! He is corrupt, cruel, totally black, but with a wicked sense of humour. You hate him, but you also love him for the panache with which he carries this role off! I just love 'Hum'!

5 new releases this weekend: Darna Zaroori Hai and Gangster in Hindi, Pink Panther, Zathura(A Space Adventure), and Mistress of Spices in English! Ideally want to watch at least 4 of them over the next two days, not too kicked about Mistress of Spices, but everything else, since Monday too happens to be a holiday (Maharashtra Day), though we would have liked it to be a holiday because May 1st is also International Labour Day, and we are all labourers at the end of the day :-)

Also on the agenda is some long overdue shopping: clothes, baaja(music system), and a new mobile if I can freeze upon a good Nokia model! Don't be shocked... I shop like once in 2-3 years, and so it's perfectly normal to have some expensive items in the 'grocery' list :-) Wait, I am forgetting my weekly visit to Crossword... and I also need to check out the new Landmark bookstore that has opened up near my place this week! All in all, this weekend is going to be pretty hectic methinks!

That's all for now folks! This post was more an attempt to get back into the blog-writing habit than anything else! Hope you'll understand and hence pardon the unstructured ramblings!

May the Force be with you!

Hiya!So its me first haan..What a pleasure.I love this spot.I missed Hum when it was a rage..I don't remember it as well as you rattle off the dialogues,but I remember thoroughly enjoying it a few years down the line.Hmm so expensive shopping list..can I send you mine too?
I read the next post first. So shopping is a stress buster? ;)
I thought blogs were ideal for unstructured ramblings! But I know what you mean. I too try and write something structured and with a theme because it looks, sounds and just is better that way.

Did you throw in that Digital Camera into your shopping list? Then you can do what Soumyadip does, posts a picture a day! (In their defence, they are very good pictures.)
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EU: If you can make a shopping list, you can implement it also. This was my key learing for the weekend :-)

Rita: Yeah, retail-therapy it is known as :-)

AFJ: Yes, I don't like writing without a tale to tell :-) Would gladly put up pictures, if I only knew how to upload them on my blog :-)
And before people kill me, it's 'key learning' :-)
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