Thursday, April 20, 2006


The best Bollywood OST in years...

As if all the work/deadlines/dipping TRPs related stress was not enough, my colleagues now have to suffer from my latest craze: the music of Gangster. The day starts with me calling out to a fellow-fan Namita(since I do not have speakers on my comp, having donated them to another colleague long ago):"Apne waale gaane lagao!" And the madness starts...

It's been a long time since I have been so affected by the music of an upcoming film that I've found myself desperately wanting to watch the movie asap, even though I know that in all probability, the movie is going to be a huge disappointment(what else do you expect from Emraan Hashmi anyways!!!) But watch it I will, because the makers of such kick-ass music need to be encouraged, but more importantly, because I can't resist this urge to go and watch this movie First Day First Show types! I am not even going to attempt a proper music review here, I am no critic. What I will do, however, is, give you a glimpse of the music, and what it can do!

The 1st song that I heard from the movie was 'Tu hi meri shab hai...'. Sung marvellously by KK, this is a melodious, catchy, romantic number that you will want to sing to the one that you love! KK remains one of my favorite singers in recent times. Though most people remember him from his private album 'Pal' and 'tadap tadap ke...' from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, my favorite KK number is a Tamil song, Uyirin Uyire' from a movie called Kakka Kakka. I was exposed to this song when I was posted in Bangalore a couple of years ago, and fell in love with it instantly. The music for that movie was by Harris Jayaraj(music director of Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein/Minale). But I digress...

The 2nd song is 'Bheegi Bheegi...' by a Bangladeshi singer called James. It's an intense, passionate, fast-paced song, and is crazy enough to drive you crazy! James does not speak/read a word of Hindi, so the song was written for him in Bangla script, and he sang it in Hindi. The music for this song is not by Pritam, it is an old composition by Gautam Chatterji called 'Prithvi' that used to be sung in Kolkata clubs apparently.

But what takes the cake, for me, is a song called 'Ya Ali...'. Sung by a singer called Zubin from Assam, this song so evocatively brings out the pathos of this love story that it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Sample my favorite stanza from this song:
'Bina tere na ek pal ho,
Na bin tere kabhi kal ho,
Yeh dil ban jaaye patthar ka,
na isme koi hulchul ho
Sanam Pe Haan, Ishq pe haan,
luta doon, mita doon,
main apni khudi'

Loosely translated: Let there not be a single moment without you, nor should tomorrow ever arrive without you. Let this heart turn to stone, and hence not have any emotions/feelings any more. I want to lose my identity for my lover and my love!

I rest my case!

P.s.: The music is by Pritam, the music director of Dhoom(average) and Chocolate(inspired). The brilliant lyrics are by Sayed Qadri(Bheegi Bheegi by Mayur).

P.P.s. Have been absent from my own blog for a long time now, mostly due to lack of time and mind-space, my standard excuses :-) Have been fighting some demons of my own, but that is another story! May the Force be with you!

our minds seem to work on same frequencies...

today posted something about the movies 'james'... and those songs are also quite good plus the background score. and 'jindagi jeene ka naam hai jee le' is a must.

as for 'gangster', i'd two choices today. and i chose 'fanaa' over 'gangster'. amir, kajol, yash raj- i hope the music will be good. although i'm a stickler for lyrics.

now, that u've recommended 'gangster' i'll definitely hear this one out.

may the force be with us.

the books must have arrived by now...

u can understand what i'm going through...hai na???
'complete selection of calvin n hobbes'??? )))

where may i find such a gem in delhi?
i visited all the links in ur friends list...
afj, beth n vamsee i know already, the rest...
devyani, veena, just_me, sunshine...these guys are brilliant man...
i'm honored to be on the same links with them, really i am honored...
u've a nice bunch of blog friends here
lucky you
envious me ;)
@Obi: I'm sorry I can't comment much on your blog - you know how much Hindi I know :-)But I liked your translation though - good job!
(1st comment?! ;-). Same rules, right?)
And hey, I didn't notice you had added me in your list of friends until Adi mentioned it!! Thank you so much! Am I honoured or what, to have been listed at the purist's site!! (I like calling you 'the purist' so much - at every given oppurtunity!! :D )
@ Adi: I had been thinking of a good response to all the nice things you have said abt us - but unfortunately my brain has the bad habit of going completely blank whenever I want to say something that sounds clever. All I'm going to say for now is, thank you, you are very kind :-)
bheegi bheegi was nice...aadhi jaagi aadhi soyi .. aankhe dekhi to jaise lagta hai royi...lekar ke naam hamara :-)
@Obi and Adi: Thanks, for the very same reasons as Sunshine :-)

And Obi, good luck in fighting those demons.
Agreed, agreed, agreed. That movie does have great music. But I've heard only two of the three traks you've mentioned. :)
However, 'Bheegi Bheegi' is such an awesome Bengali song that I cannot digest it in Hindi! :(
Adi: Nope, the books are still not here, let's see what happens today!

Adi-2: I think most good book-shops like Crossword or Om Book Depot will have it, else internet zindabad!

Adi-3:Ab main kya kahoon(Now what do I say)? Thanks :-)

Sunshine: Yeah, definitely the 1st comment. Rules are rules, as tcp keeps saying in vain :-)

Sunshine-2: Bacche ki jaan logi kya? (Will you take life of the kid?)(Famous cult dialogue of Akshay Kumar from 'Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi) :-)

Sunshine-3: Directed towards adi, so I don't need to respond :-)

tcp: Yeah, it rocks. Try the other ones also!

cloudy: You are most welcome. And thanks for the wishes, I really need them!

Rita: I saw footage of James singing the Bong version of Bheegi Bheegi during recording, with Pritam on the guitar. Though I couldn't understand the lyrics of course, it was amazing! I know what you are saying, but we non-Bongs will have to make do with the Hindi version, and it rocks too :-)
1. I haven't heard Gangster ka music but I will now that you have given it a glowing tribute!

2. I LOOOVVVE Uyrin uyire from Kakka kakka tooo! There is no need to understand the lyrics, you instantly know that it's a love song.

3. (And the most important point.) Are you okay? Whatever it is, I hope you come out tops. You have friends with you. Don't ever forget that.
have u fought ur 'demons' by now...
ppl. wait for u rather eagerly ;)
best of luck mate...
@Obi: Let's know if you need any help in fighting your demons. We'll try and save you with 'Ghost who Walk''s help :-) (Ok, Purist, I'm not sure of the apostrophe)
AFJ-1: Pls do, I'm waiting for your reaction on that!

AFJ-2: Yeah, it's simply brilliant, love the beats, love the voices, and love the sound of the lyrics :-)

AFJ-3: Thank you ma'am. I am kind of OK, just trying to 'reclaim my life' as the Tata Safari ad says, amongst other things! Thanks once again, I know I can count on the support of friends like you when I need it :-)

Adi: Thanks. The fight is still on, and won't finish too soon by the looks of it :-) btw, recd the books yesterday :-)

Sunshine: If you take my case one more time about the purist thing, I'll... I'lll...I'll start crying and complain to mummy :-)
Thanks for the offer of help, but it's something that I need to figure out on my own, because the 'demons' are not external, but in my head :-)Nice knowing that I can count on 'The Ghost who walks' and some his friends though :-)
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Trust me, right now I am totally taken by the music of Gangster. I'm glad I took your advice! :)
dear obi,

apart from fighting those demons and taking your friends' help, i wud request you to put a vacation note on your blog.

just write simply & clearly in a confessional tone...

i've got chandrakanta back into my life and for some time now, she'll be the center of my attraction. everything else can wait.

just write this much and atleast i won't compalin of new posts ;)
:D I'll try not to bring up that purist thing very often considering your'threat'.... but I love it too much to give it up completely.. :)
askinstoo: Thanks but no thanks Mr. Spammer. What will I do with so much money? Paisa to haath ki mail hota hai! (Money is dirt of hand)!

Rita: You're bhelcome :-)

adi: Brother give me some more time, I'll soon restart writing :-)

Sunshine: I give up :-)

To all visitors: Guys I am extremely sorry for these long breaks and cryptic messages relating to 'demons' and all. I promise I will return to normal life pretty soon. Thanks for all the support, stated and unsaid! As the great Lord Budhha said, " I'll be back!" :-)
Tum spammers ko bhi respond karte ho?Itne boore din aa gaye hain?(You respond to spammers to?Such horrid times is it?)My most feeble attempt at translation..but I so wanted to do it..:D.All said and done I think songs in Fanaa rock and Shaan even more so.
Ok you win...Cannot stop listening to the songs..beautiful...
EU-1: Kya spammer insaan nahi hote???(Are spammers not human???) :-) The poor chap made so much effort to write a message(even though it was spam), the least we can do is be civil to him/her :-)

EU-2: He He :-)
Hi, thought you might like to see this website which unravels the secret behind Pritam's 'inspired' music.(And those of a lot of others, for that matter)
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