Friday, March 17, 2006


Guilty guilty guilty mujhe log bolein...

Beth, of Beth Loves Bollywood fame (and I mean 'fame' literally, what with podcast interviews, and a global fan following), has very gracefully tagged me to do 'a meme about guilt', in the process forcing me to come out of my hibernation. The tag involves revealing things that you feel guilty about, in 5 specified categories (at least that's what I have understood)! So, here goes nothing...

Culinary guilt: This is easy. NONE! I am very particular about what I eat, in the sense that I eat what I like eating and don't touch what I don't like eating (e.g. coriander)! I'm very clear on this, I like to enjoy what I eat, so there's no way that i'm going to feel guilty about it... ever!

Literary guilt: Two distinct guilts... I keep buying books and end up keeping them aside for reading later, or at times, starting them and leaving them mid-way, to be continued later. Only, the 'later' never comes, since more books have come on the priority list by then. But I'm sure I will read those books when I am in the right frame of mind... and when I have the time... and when I have nothing more interesting and 'urgent' to read... yeah, I'm sure!!!
My 2nd literary guilt is that I hardly read any non-fiction stuff anymore. There was a time when my reading was fairly varied, with books on history being strong favorites with me. Unfortunately, have somehow stopped reading non-fiction almost totally. Need a story to read a book...

Audio-visual guilt: Again, two major guilts in this category. First, on the movies front - I call myself a movie-buff, but I am yet to see many of the all-time great movies in Hindi (Mughal-E-Azam, Mother India...) and English (most of the classics, including Hitchcock).
Second, on the Television front, have totally stopped watching television except for my own channel (for monitoring purposes), or surfing channels at a crazy speed. Really feel I will love watching the History Channel, but never get down to it.

Musical guilt: Hardly listen to good music anymore. No opportunity... don't own a music system. Have been planning to buy one for a long time, but then, end up delaying the purchase since I don't have time, and also don't want to start investing in CDs right now, as it is, am spending enough on books!

Celebrity guilt: Don't know what this means. I am completely star-struck, and am not ashamed of it at all. When I first saw Amitabh Bachchan, during the red carpet premiere of Waqt - The Race Against Time, I went to his seat and took his autograph during the interval! That answers the 'guilt' part of this category methinks!

All rightie... task completed. Must admit that this one was fairly easy to write, unlike some of the stuff that had come up previously. Only, have been really pressed for time, so kept delaying this post for so many days, and again, it took me 5 hours to complete this because of the frequent and long interruptions.

Here's wishing all of you a guilt-free life...
May the Force be with you.

We are book soulmates! I also can hardly make it through nonfiction, but when I do love history. (Do you have any recommendations for me for Indian history, by the way? Preferably something under 1,000 pages.)

I wasn't sure what celebrity guilt was either. I think it was to be about celebrities you enjoy even though they are cheesy (such as William Shatner).
Culinary guilt is good...very good :-)
Musical guilt, get a MP3 player ;-)
nice title to the post :-) hope no one forces you to change "guilty" to "ulti" or something similar. Remember the transition from "sexy" to "baby". I laughed so much because first here was Karishma Kapoor calling herself "SEXY" and then she calls herself "BABY"? I mean..did someone tell her then that all she had to do was draw a line with a pencil over her lips and she could double for Randhir Kapoor? And she danced to the song calling herself "SEXY" uggggghhh
We have now officially stopped living parallel lives...:P
Odd squishy little comment box - what is going on here?
I am listening to lots of great music - I should make you a cd.
Beth: I really like this book called 'India's Struggle for Independence' by Bipin Chandra. Apart from that, the best source is 'Amar Chitra Katha' comics that a lot of Indians of my generation grew up on, and rocking history textbooks of NCERT in school, which you'll never be able to get in amrika :-)

tcp: thank you sir :-) and of course i remember the change from 'sexy' to 'baby'. One of the earliest signs of how censorship would lead to ridiculous situations in Bollywood! But I must confess that though I hated Karisma initially(during her prem qaidi days), I really liked her new avtaar post hair-straightening and cosmetci surgery (Raja Hindustani, Hero No. 1...)!

EU: Good, it was anyways scary :-)

madelyn: Pls do Pls do :-) But where will I listen to it? Send a CD Player also :-)
Get a a music system. how do you hope to sail through life without music?
And BTW, What's arong with coriander? Just curious *hee hee* :D
Rita: Music sytem has been on the agenda for some time, never got down to buying one unfortunately. This television generation I tell you... :-)
Coriander is the most hateful food substance (if it can be called food by any stretch of imagination) in the world. That's my taste bud's point of view of course, I know a huge majority of people won't agree, but some will understand!
Hi Obi Wan! It feels good to be back and even better to know that you have been in the same boat as well.

I checked Beth's blog today and saw that I was tagged too. I have posted my tag and added some categories as well! Not compulsory though.

So, ki haal hai? It's seems like for ever since I saw a new post from you! Keep posting without the tags too!
Ok, speeling mistake. I meant to type "It seems..." not "It's seems.." which does not make sense.
AFJ: New post will happen soon, pukka pukka! Just that have been so busy that there's no mindspace for writing anything!
Btw, sid you notice the 'speeling mistake' in your corrigendum comment??? Sorry sorry, very mean thing to do, but couldn't resist it!
Oh nooo!!! Gosh! You got me! I try to type fast to fit in many things and this is what happens!

I hope this comment is spelling mistake free! :)
what is corrigendum? is it related to coriander?
AFJ: Arre stop projecting me as this menacing ogre who'll eat up anyone who makes a spelling mistake! I'm not THAT bad :-) Just to cheer you up, I would also like to point out that in my comment on your 'speeling mistake', i wrote 'sid' instead of 'did'! So there :-)
tcp: I would have you know that I am a registered bonafide member of an international organization called ''. Hamaare haath kanoon se bhi lambe hain! If you dare make fun of my aversion to coriander, we will search you out and take revenge, may you be in any corner of the world :-)
i love coriander. yum yum good for the tum. and a organization like that exists??????? good heavens i just checked it up!!!
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