Monday, February 06, 2006


Somebody Stop Me!!!

All right, its official now. I AM totally crazy! I need to be restrained, institutionalized... basically, stopped, because I am my own worst enemy. But wait, let me start at the beginning (a very good place to start)...

Some 3 months ago, I'd recd the 'promise' of a sum of 16K as an incentive for the last half year that I'd worked at my previous company. I was so happy on receiving this 'promise' that without waiting for the actual money to come in, I went ahead and bought the complete Calvin & Hobbes collection for 6.5K (I wrote about it in one of my earlier posts in November)! As if this was not enough, I also purchased a 29" CTV in the same month, 'using' some of the money from the 16K. The cheque for the amount came in only a couple of weeks ago, so it was 'new money' now. Couldn't resist the temptation, went online and bought the complete Asterix collection for 9K! Its just been delivered to my office!

As usual, my colleagues are completely shocked at my extravagance and are saying that I'm mad, but I really couldn't care less. The way I look at it, I'm slogging my ass off so that I can do stuff that makes ME happy. So, anything that goes towards fulfilling this objective is a perfectly reasonable decision! So, maybe, just maybe, I'm not that crazy after all! What say???

I have two things to say about this:

(a)You are NOT crazy!
(b) I agree with the idea that you need to get what you want because you are working for it. I mean who else will do that?

But do please watch out and save (or keep saving) for a rainy day. :)
I've read that C&H story..and now Asterix..You are crazy.But who is it hurting???So enjoy it while you can.
I agree with AFJ, do think about saving some.Extra cash always comes in handy.
yes man,

you're totally crazy. and those C&H and Asterix collections will make it worse. pack them off to me right away! i'll keep them safe for you till you return to sanity.

warm regards :p,
..its just some color paper unless put to some good use and what better use than comics!:)
I'm with you - when it comes to calvin and Hobbes or Asterix or well a lotta books I lose a sense of perspective. Unleash me at the World Book Fair and I can run into my next year's sal.
AFJ: Thanks for the certificate:-)As far as saving for a rainy day is concerned, I totally agree, but not at the cost of my eccentricities!

EU: Thank you too for the certificate (though it is diametrically opposite to AFJ's) :-) Saving? Thankfully, it is taking care of itself, without me having to worry too much about it. I just wanted these books to be financed from 'outside', hence the 'elaborate planning' :-)

asuph: Thanks, but no thanks. I'd prefer the Chinese feather torture over parting with my books :-)

Vamsee: Yup, that's the spirit :-)
mellowdrama: World Book Fair? Delhi waala? One of my biggest regrets is that when I was in Delhi, and used to visit the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, I could never afford to buy much! And now, when I can afford it, no Delhi, no World Book Fair!
btw, welcome to JDMHC (I've suddenly decided to use the short form of my blog name, just like QSQT, RDB, HAHK, JJWS etc.) :-)
hey Obi Wan
I'm with u completely....u know u r sane when u do perfectly insane things like this....enjoy it while the going is good...but yeah, keep an eye on ur expenses.
Calvin and Hobbes is worth a buy any time... So don't worry too much about what your friends say. I have the complete collection of C & H, Asterix and Tintin, so I know what it means. That is a real treasure.
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