Thursday, February 16, 2006


Of television debuts and Delhi marriages!

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a red-letter day in the history of mankind. Ok, thodha zyaada ho gaya, but still...

I make my television debut today. Its a huge and very important role in the teaser promo of the movie 'Malamal Weekly'. Directed by Priyadarshan, this movie is scheduled for release on March 10. The teaser TV promos of the movie, starting today across all channels, feature a series of individuals trying to suppress their laughter, but failing. The idea being that watching MW will have this effect on you. Now for my role - I play one of the guys laughing away to glory, and am on screen for exactly 1 second. But as a friend told me, "1 second means 25 frames", which is a much bigger number than 1! Hope all the biggie directors will be watching the promo, and notice a star in the making :-)

Amongst other things, I leave for Delhi in the evening to attend a friend's wedding. I can distinctly visualize my mom telling me, "Hamesha apne doston ki shaadiyaan karwaane Delhi aata hai, tera no. kab aayega?" My whole gang will be assembling for the wedding, which is on Sunday, and I'm sure we'll all have a blast!

Hope all of you also have a great weekend. May the Force be with you!

YEAYS!!!I love Delhi weddings.And why do I feel,Ive heard that line before.Weddings are a great place to check out some happening single people.Keep your eyes ears,and all that they say open.Who knows how luck might strike.
Hey Anurag! Nope, haven't disappeared! Just been totally busy with work work work!

Congrats on your TV debut! There is only one way from here! :) Up up up the celebrity ladder! Don't forget us mortals though. :)

Have a great time in Delhi! But your mom is right: aap shaadi kab kar rahey ho?
EU: No Lucky Strike :-( But amazing fun at the wedding!

AFJ: Welcome back to civilization, and join the gang of the I'm-going-crazy-with-work-even-crazier-than-I-was-before-if-that-is-possible workers :-)
TV debut for 25 frames, I'm a star now. Who are you? :-)
Shaadi??? Bahut lambi aur dukhbhari kahaani hai, kabhi fursta mein bataaoonga! Fundamental issue with arranged marriages, and love doesn't seem to be happening!!!
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