Monday, February 20, 2006


A 100 smiles... and counting!

The Comic Project has turned 100 today! The 100th comic has been posted on this amazing blog. And the celebrations begin...

For the uninitiated, The Comic Project is a unique and unprecedented venture for posting Indrajal Comics (primarily, though there are one-off cases of other publications) on the net. Started a few months ago by someone we just know as tcp, this project has today become a 100 comics old. I have said this before on my blog (though in not so many words), and am now saying it again - "If anybody deserves a Noble Peace Prize, The Legion d' honor, and the Bharat Ratna, all rolled into one, it is tcp, for touching the lives of so many people, by returning our childhood to us!

May the Force be with him (its them actually, as tcp is now a team of contributors)! Looking forward to seeing the remaining 900 or so Indrajals on tcp soon :-)

Anybody who visits my blog is hereby tagged, to visit TCP's blog and post a comment, we are aiming for a 100 unique comments for the 100th comic. This is the least we all can do folks, so pls get cracking!

Thanks mate!
Happy 100 days and wish Comic Project many more such milestones :)
I am BAKHSHI IMTIAZ from BHAUN, PAKISTAN and looking for bakhshis on the internet , specially the bakhshi's who migrated to india in 1947
i m using this blog because i am unable to find your email address , my email address is or
please contact me if you can help
I am off to leave a comment!

Sure! Thanks for letting us know. I will make a dash for TCP now!
tcp: As I said, this is the least we can do to support THE cause :-)

vamsee: Thanks for taking up the tag!

bakhshi imtiaz: Not the appropriate forum, yes, our family did migrate from Pakistan, will mail you.

madelyn: Thank you.

AFJ: Thanks. I think I should ask tcp for a commission :-)
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