Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Is raat ki subah nahi!

Its 2:50 AM??? What am I still doing in office? This really wasn't a part of my joining contract here, must have a relook at it as soon as I get the time. Ahhh, time... what time is it? 2.50 AM??? Nahiiiii Keh do yeh jhooth hai!!!

Our channel goes on air in approximately 19 hours from now. The ops guy is preparing the transmission logs for Jan 26th, I am supposed to verify that they're correct so that no wrong programming/promo/packaging element goes on-air. So, I can't leave office till he finishes his work and I go through it! Stopped doing any productive work a couple of hours ago. The fact that there are a total of 3 people in the office, and I'm the only one from our team, is not helping either.

But let's look at the brighter side- we're finally going on-air! Yipeeee!!! Had our launch press conference today (its technically yesterday now). The media was looking pretty excited about our channel, let's see what the viewers and advertisers have to say. We are the 4th Hindi movie channel in the country, so it is critical that we not only do not make mistakes, but also do a lot of innovative stuff on all fronts. So I guess I should not be cribbing about the late nights. But still, dil hai ki maanta nahi!!! Don't worry guys, won't plug the channel through my blog! Just wanted to write something so that I get some stress out of my system.

The last one month has been crazy, with violent shouting matches all around, in all possible permutation/combinations amongst our team members! Some have gone over the boundary and have become total zombies, and others like me are tottering on the edge - I sang the 1st line of 'jhalak dikhla ja...' continuously in a loop for almost 5 minutes yesterday, though it was just to get back at a colleague I was extremely irritated with!!!

But come tomorrow, and I'm sure everything will be forgotten, and we'll all be together in celebrating the birth of our baby, and praying for its success.

The future is FILMY.

Congrats, Anurag! I'm sure your channel will do great! If nothing works, you can always try thinking that "This too shall pass!" :)
Oooh good luck good luck.Do let us know how the launch went.I can see my dad getting more lazy now.Doesn't have to take mum to the cinema.And my mum will be fretting.Ek aur movies channel???Standard friday evening discussion..HAHA now I know where she can direct her wrath.
hey obiwan...have i mssed anything? what channel are we talking about here?
AFJ: Thanks ma'am. And I hope when you say "If nothing works...", you are referring to my messy work-life and not my channel :-)

educatedunemployed: Thank you thank you. We went on-air yesterday, our official launch date for the public is Feb 12. And as long as your parents watch FILMY, I don't mind any number of gaalis they might give me :-)

tcp: I work for a new Hindi movie channel called FILMY. The reason you've never heard of it is that it went on-air just yesterday!
Of course, I meant messy work life (which work life isn't messy, re?) not your channel. Your channel (though I don't know the name!) rocks!

And hey what's with the formal "ma'am"? Am I supposed to call you "sir"? (No please!)
AFJ: My channel is called 'Filmy', and our communication line is "Maa Kasam Filmy Hai", in Dharmendra ishtyle :-)
And are you mad? I wasn't being formal at all, that's just a style of writing/speaking I sometimes slip into inadvertently :-)
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