Thursday, January 26, 2006


5 reasons why you should not watch Rang De Basanti!

1. It will make you laugh uncontrollably

2. It will make you cry unashamedly

3. It will make you feel like an ass for the kind of life you have been living

4. It will make you want to go out and change the way our country functions, regardless of any consequences to yourself

5. If you have your heart in the right place, it will totally mind-eff you!

First commenttttttttttt jhingchak jhing..jhingchak jhing. Good 5 reasons for watching the movie :-) I have to learn to be short and sweet rather than go on and on
OBI WAN:I know it was your blog wherein I read about Hazzaron khwashain Aisi..Now I can't find that post.Anyway..Totally loved it.A movie that spoke to me after a long time.So Rang De Basanti now..Righty-ho!
tcp: Congrats, though I'm sure it'll take ages for the 'first comment' on my blog to become as aspirational as it is on yours :-)
And I'm the last person to comment on being short and sweet, my philosophy being to 'never say in 2 words what you can say in 20' :-)

educatedunemployed: You will find that article in the archives on my blog, it was the first article in January 2006. Am extremely glad you loved 'Hazaaron...', and trust me, RDB will speak much more eloquently and forcefully!
That is one movie I am looking forward to :)
BTW, you always seem to be catching the first shows of new releases. The movie is barely out before a review is up on your blog!! :D
@obiwan: If i go and shout FIRST COMMENT somewhere else, they will think "kya hua isko". Yours is one of the places where I can do this coz this FIRST COMMENT thing is a TCP Original :-)
Looks like you enjoyed the movie! I'm trying so hard for the tickets here. You might not believe it but it had an 8 in the morning show to cope up with the demand!
Rita: Movies are my life, and my work also! So, I make it a point to catch all the decent Friday releases as early as possible! Pls don't lagao nazar :-)

tcp: I got another first :-)

AFJ: Take a day's off and watch it, but don't miss it at any cost pls! In case of any doubts on the taking a day off thingie, pls refer to Kunal Kapoor's article :-)
Saw Mumbai Matinee last night..Didn't know Rahul Bose could make me sit through that movie till the end..But "May the force be with you" had me in splits.*Cheeky Grin*
Well put reasons!:) I am looking forward to watching it!:)
I caught snatches of "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi" last night! But not the complete movie. Chitrangada Singh reminds me of Smita Patil.
educatedunemployed: I haven't watched Mumbai Matinee, but knowing the concept of the movie, I can imagine what context it would have been used in :-)

vamsee: Thanks :-) Pls do watch it pukka!

AFJ: What is this? Pls see the complete movie asap (after you're done with RDB and Narnia of course) :-)!
And yes, the comparison between Chitrangada Singh and Smita Patil has been made by a lot of people. I hope we get to see more of her, though that might not be possible because of her husband not letting her act anymore (as per media reports)! Extremely unfortunate for us movie lovers I must say!
I am so surprised not to find a coment from me here..I have watched it!!!Totally agree and endorse your reasons.But it left me very very home sick...Can I blame you for my sappy mood..:p
educatedunemployed: If it helps brighten your mood, blame away :-)
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