Sunday, January 01, 2006


2005 in review - Bollywood

With 2005 safely out of the way, methinks 'tis time now to do a small review of the year's best, and the worst- in a few selected categories. Am obviously starting with Bollywood. So, here goes...

Best Movies(in no particular order):

Discovery of the year- Male: Three contenders

Randeep and Mohit's roles involved uni-dimensional acting- just portray intensity on screen, so I think it's too early to judge their true worth. Shiney Ahuja, for me, was the true find of the year. He is a natural, and was rocking in his debut movie. He might not become a big star due to his slightly unconventional looks, but he sure deserves to get much better work. Amongst others, even though he is not a newcomer, Kay Kay cleaned up the year with Hazaaron..., Sarkar, and Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh!

Discovery of the year- Female:

No contest- Vidya Balan all the way. Notable mention: Chitrangada Singh in 'Hazaaron...'.

Duds of the year:

Both were equally bad and boring. Mangal Panday -The Rising is missing because I haven't seen it and so won't comment on it!

Paisa Vasool Scene of the year:

Shilpa Shetty's flying round-toss kick in 'Dus', and Salman Khan playing the 'been' to the snake while hanging from a cliff, in 'No Entry'.

This wraps up my take on Bollywood in 2005. Will be back soon with Hollywood!


Wow! You have given an appropraite Bollywood recap of all that has happened this year!
Salman scene..really :-) great summary of 2005
A small clarification here. Got a complaint about the non-inclusion of a couple of movies- Yahaan and 'Maine Gandhi ko Nahi Maara' in this list. Nothing against these movies, but I have not included them simply because I haven't seen them, so my ranking them will not be fair. Hope it satisfies you Keerat :-)

I missed listing out my worst film of 2005- Shabd! My apologies to Leena Yadav!
hmmm liked your take on Bollywood, 2005. check out - comes across as a no frills movie site. think you'd be interested.
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