Friday, December 30, 2005


Nav Varsh ki Shubhkamnaayein!

All right guys, am off tonight for Pune, to bring in 2006 in the city where I spent two of the happiest years of my life (my MBA)! May the Force be with all of you! Be honest to yourself, be fair, and make merry throughout the year!


Wish you a very hapy new year! Have a blast in Pune :D
happy new year Bakhshi!
Have great year,man...
My dear Jedi, You are being confronted by a Sith Lord wielding a Saber-Staff{ Darth maul ka lightsaber} Sees Star Wars and LotR as favourite movies.. becomes happy.He looks at your favourite books, and sees Hari Poddar topping the list. Gets extremely angry. Turns on his lightsaber. *Vomp Vomp Vomp*

---Happy New Year-----
---From a Jedi-hater, Sith-lover---
---Also from the Prince of Fealdamar
A very heppy heppy new year as one of the Gujrati characters say in Hindi movies! :)
Rita: Thanks a lot. Pune's become a slightly sick city in the last few years- the cops came and stopped our party at 12.5! Anyways, that's another tale...
Beth: To you too! Pls keep watching Hindi films- forever!
The Monk: The sound of 2006 has a good feel to it, I'm sure it'll rock!
Kazarelth: Be you ever so high and powerful, the Force is supreme. The Dark Side can never win!
AFJ: Thanks, and a bherry bherry happy new year- as Bong characters would say in movies, or otherwise :-)
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