Saturday, December 17, 2005


Main Tumhare Bacche Ki Maa Banne Waali Hoon!

This hugely cliched and highly cult dialogue from umpteen Hindi movies in the '70s and '80s was a source of great tension for me yesterday. No guys, don't get shocked! No 'abla naari' said it to me in an accusing tone :-) Let me start at the beginning...

We're making an AV presentation for our channel, and my friend Kunal, who's handling the project, wanted some scenes from movies where this dialogue is used. Now I have a reputation of being a Bollywood trivia freak, so he called me up to name some movies, fully expecting me to rattle off the names of 10-15 such movies immediately. But imagine his consternation, and my embarrasment, when I couldn't come up with a single name. We make fun of this dialogue so routinely, that we've never realized that we may not have seen it as many times as we think we have!

Anyways, I had a reputation to live up to, so I got cracking. The net obviously didn't throw up anything. Another colleague came up with 'Meri Jung', in which some sidey actress says this to Jaaved Jaffrey! The dreaded call came. I gave him Meri Jung as an option, and became silent. "And...", asks Kunal. "Can't think of any other movie right now, but i'm on the job, don't worry", was my reply. Does the dialogue come after the Roop Tera Mastaana song in Aradhana, asked Kunal. I was clutching at straws now. Yeah Yeah, I think it's there. Then, 2 other hopefuls came to me: Deewar(Parveen Babi to Amitabh, towards the end of the movie), Shakti(Smita Patil to Amitabh). Try these na, you'll definitely get something, I tell Kunal, and hang up!

10 in the night, Kunal calls again. "I need more options!" Gawd, why can't he just change the concept if he can't find the scene!!! Two final options came to my head- Raakhi in Yash Chopra's 'Daag', and Anil Kapoor's sister to Hema Malini's son in 'Jamai Raja'. Try these, I tell Kunal, pukka kuchh milega!

Arrived in office this morning, dreading the thought of facing the world if the dialogue wasn't there in any of the movies that i'd proposed. Kunal straightaway took me to the edit room and started the AV. "Main tumhaare bachhe ki Maa banne waali hoon"- Raakhi to Prem Chopra. The movie- Daag!!! Yesssss!!!! I can look at myself in the mirror again! But only just!

Anurag, any Mithunda movie will have that dialogue. And any 1980s movie (both A and B grade) will definitely have it.

Is this dialogue for one of those funky MTV-style ads?
Name one!
But seriously AFJ, it's not very easy. And Mithunda movies had a whole lot of formulae, but I really can't recall any specific movie with this dialogue(and trust me, I've watched a lot of shady Mithunda movies like Sher-e-Hindustan, Jallad etc.).
The scene is being used in an AV which will be used by our Sales team to present the channel to advertisers, and not an ad. So, the aam junta will be deprived of the supreme pleasure of watching it!
Man, 'bout main tera khoon pee (?) jaoonga...any movies?Sholay?
When a woman is pregnant and UNMARRIED, she says "Main tumhare bacche ki maa banne wali hoon" and when she is pregnant and MARRIED, she says "Tum baap banne wale ho" :-)
"Maa ka doodh piya hai to saamne aa"
Hey i made this one up: " khajur ko itna daudao, itna daudao ke yeh khajuraho pahunch jaaye"
TCP, that is funny! You have a bright future as a Bollywood script writer!
The Monk: Main tera khoon pee jaaoonga has to be necessarily be preceded by 'Kutte...' or 'Kamine, Kutte...' in a the typical Dharam Paaji style!
TCP: Never thought about the married/unmarried mother to the dialogue relationship before, though now it seems obvious. Thanks. And your Khajur joke is such a bad PJ that it's actually funny. Will seriously consider hiring your creative services when I'm making my movie!
Hey Anurag, I want to add to this post. :D
Another cliched dialogue is "Main kahan hoon?" Please do a post on that :)
aam junta is offended !
it wants to watch the ad too.. it is removing your peopolometers from their houses as a mark of protest..! :p
Rita: I guess i'll have to do a proper cliched dialogues post one of these days. Thanks for the idea. But it's not about making fun of these dialogues, it's about having fun WITH them! After all, they sort of define Bollywood for all of us!
Canary: Welcome back. And don't you dare touch that peoplemeter :-) If I wasn't tech-challenged, I would've figured out a way to give a select few amongst the aam junta an opportunity to watch the AV through the net, parts of it are hilarious!
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