Friday, November 18, 2005


Quotable quotes and poetry-shoetry

Feel like writing, but as usual, have started writing without having a clue as to what I am going to write on. Was having a casual discussion with a couple of friends in office. The subject- how easy or difficult it is to create a quotable quote. I was of the firm opinion that these life related gyaan waale quotes can be made by anyone, anytime. Kunal got senti and started disputing it. So, out of sheer stupid bravado, I asked him to give me 4 random words, using which I would make a quote.

The bet was on. The 'basket' gave me these 4 words: Films, Monkeys, Jaguar, Laughing'. And this is what yours truly came up with:

"Watching films helps humans evolve
like from monkeys to man,
Similarly, what differentiates men from jaguars,
is their ability of laughing to relieve stress"

I obviously am no Wordsworth!

But this whole stunt was inspired by Amir Khusro, one of the greatest poets in Hindi language. The 4 words given to him were: Kheer, Charkha, Kutta, and Dhol. This is what the master came up with...

"Kheer pakaayi jatan se,
Charkha diya jala,
aaya kutta kha gaya,
tu baithi dhol baja"

Sheer genius!!!

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ha ha ha ha!!! bakhshi - before i comment on ur blog - u will not believe what i've just posted on my blog. i wonder if u can hear me sayin - uncle, i'm shocked! my blog is on quotes too!! lol!
anyways, me thinks u did a great job! if nothing else, u have at least set me thinking how jaguars must be relieving themselves of stress - or for that matter, do they feel stress?
also, i must say, ur usage of 'basket' never fails to make me laugh! keep writing more interesting stuff! :)
oh yeah, khusro was the master...hey u're not too bad either...
wat do u do wen ur blog becomes searchable on the net !!??!!??
u move !
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