Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Mujhe neend na aaye...

Literally! Am damn scared, haven't slept a wink for the last two nights. Never had such a bad case of insomnia in my life. Am a zombie right now, working on auto-pilot. Would like nothing more than going home and hitting the sack right now, but kya karein, as the great Lord Budhha said, " Paapi pet ka sawaal hai." I've been wondering as to what could be the possible reasons? One normal reason is tension, but there has not been any undue upsurge in that department in the last couple of days to justify this condition! Haven't been drinking heavily and going to bed(which could be another reason)! Then what???

What is happening is that I lie down and my brain goes straight into overdrive and starts whizzing around the world. Basically a sort of hyperactivity of the brain! Don't know why it cannot do it's 'tourism thing' during the day, like normal brains! Was discussing this with a friend, and she suggested having warm milk just before going to bed. Will try this 'daadi ma ka nuskha' tonight, let's see what'll happen.

You might wonder ki insomnia is not something to be so scared of. I beg to differ. As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, I'd watched Fight Club during the Diwali holidays. Anybody who's watched the movie will empathise with me I am sure. As another friend asked me today after I'd discussed this with him- "How do you know that I even exist, and am not a creation of your imagination?" Good point... one can never be sure!

Good night everyone, and I hope that it's a good night for me!

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