Thursday, November 10, 2005


Mostly about Measure For Measure

Watched a different kind of play last night- Shakespeare's Measure For Measure, performed by complicite, a British theatre group. It was staged at Prithvi, as a part of the annual Prithvi Fest. The show was totally sold out, something that none of the 3 big Diwali releases of Bollywood could achieve! Anyways, got into the theatre, and the play started at 9.30ish. The only problem was, for the first 10 minutes, couldn't understand anything at all. Trying to decipher what the angrez log were saying in their heavy accents, in addition to the Bard's strange language(all right, I've commited another blasphemy, go on, sue me) was a full time task for my poor sleep deprived brain!

But things changed once the plot started developing. The accents started sounding ekdum apne jaisi, the language like sweet music- and the only reason was the amazing performance by the cast of the play. Everyone was so into the character that it was almost as if you were watching a real-life drama being played out in front of you. Angelo, the 'bad guy'- the puritan who is forced to surrender to his carnal desires, leading him on a self-destructive path; the nun whom Angelo is lusting after, who has to decide between her body and her brother's life; the brother who, out of sheer desperation to save his life, asks his sister to sleep with Angelo; and a host of other totally real characters brought to life by the vivid performances!

The play ended with a standing ovation of course, and while going back, we saw two of the lead actors in the play walking down to their hotel around a Km away, with school bags on their backs! Loverlllyyyy!!!

p.s. For those of you who have been following the development of my insomnia, some good news- have been able to catch around 5 hours sleep for the last two nights. Guess am on my way back to a normal life! Cheers!

seems to be a good play...
Dude..whats with this insomnia thing???? Unable to sleep..don't play around with it yaar..investigate. Lack of sleep yesterday can never be made up by extra sleep today.
Thanks tcp! but don't worry, it was a temporary thing, am back to normal(or whatever goes for normal for me) now! Cheers!
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