Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Hari Puttar aur Aag Ka Pyaala

All right, show-off time. The worldwide release of the 4th edition of Harry Potter happens to be on November 18th, right? Well, I saw it last night at the premiere! Am so happy and excited.

Expectations from the movie were huge, especially since the book marks a gear-shift in terms of darkness, what with introduction to the 'Unforgivable Curses', the deadly Triwizards Tournament, the return of He-who-must-not-be-named, oh what the heck- Lord Voldermot and his loyal deatheaters, and the death of a student at Hogwarts!

The movie surely lived up to all my expectations. Director Mike Newell has done full justice to the book, by bringing to life the sheer magic and scale of Hogwarts, the tourney, the Yule Ball, the dragons, the Quidditch World Cup et al. The build-up is superb, and the climax mind-blowing. The only weak link is Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter- the guy can't act to save his life(which he often needs to!) But all-in-all a great adventure.

It will be unfair if I end this post without thanking my friend Divya, who not only arranged for the passes, but also ensured that we go and watch the movie, even though she herself had to drop out! May the Great Lord Budhha bless her!

Hail Divyaaaaa!!!!
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