Monday, November 21, 2005


Happy Birday Purva

I vividly remember the day you were born. Still brings back painful memories:-) I was in office when I cameto know that Bhabhi had given birth to a bonny girl. In the evening, just outside the hospital, I, in my excitement, missed my footing on the road divider, resulting in a broken foot! Happy Birday Purva! Two months of painful limping followed, but don't worry, I forgave you long ago for this :-)

Never really saw you grow up. When I left Delhi, you were just 1.5 years old, hardly speaking anything except basic words, and hadn't even started walking. So, I missed your first steps, missed your first 'grammaticaly correct' sentence, missed your first day in pre-school, missed your first day in a proper school, and missed all your last 4 birthdays, including this one.

Your demands also kept changing from year to year. When I was in Nagpur, you used to demand oranges when I came to Delhi. When I was in Bangalore, you asked me for a doll. Then, for the last year or so, you have simply been asking me to get you a chachi!

You turn 5 today. In another couple of years, you will be surfing the net('tis a futuristic tech-savvy generation, unlike your Chachu's). And hopefully, you will visit my blog and read this post in the archives. Just want you to know that even though I've hardly spent any time with you, it has in no way reduced my love for you. Your smallest wish is still my command, and I will keep pampering you whenever I get the opportunity. Guess it is another long-distance relationship both of us better get used to! Wish you a very happy and rocking birthday. May the Force be with you, forever!

Comments: best wishes to her as well...
hey bakhshi! this is such a cute post!!! God it's like a new side to you - we'd never seen! lucky purva..:) I wish i had such a pampering chachu! :)
listnos.... always forget to ask you... what or who is obi wan??!!!
Hey Ram! Tu PSPO nahi jaanti!
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