Thursday, November 03, 2005


Bas... aur chutti nahi!

Gawd, never thought i'd get tired of holidays. But this has been one crazy week. Had holidays on Tue, Wed, and Fri officially, and today I maaroed chhutti jlt. Have been sitting at home alone, vegetating, for the last 3 days(except for Diwali nite, when I went to a friend's place and binged). Everybody had told me, go home for Diwali, yahaan akela kya karega(all my friends have gone to their respective 'muluks'), but no, Mr. Bakhshi knows best. Ab bhugto!!! But i guess vegetating has it's merits- have been making good use of the time in my own way. Been catching up on my reading, finished off a couple of agatha christies, and a new SFF novel called The Lightening Thief, in addition to a Wodehouse and 2 Just Williams. Also caught a lot of tv, watched Hot Shots Part one and deux back 2 back on AXN, and Fight Club and U-Turn on DVD.

All in all, not too bad a deal. Of course would have loved some human company over these holidays, but then, u win some, lose some!

hey.. thnx for dropping in at my blog.. so i made yu home sik ? :)

By da way, i cant beliv dat thr is a guy on this planet hu's saying ki holiday nahi chahiye !!
Caught me at the wrong time, 1500 km away from home on Diwali, home sick to hona hi tha! As far as holidays are concerned, guess I ODd on them, the worse thing of course was that I was totally alone for those 4 days. So, I've come to office today!

Btw, thanks for dropping in at my blog too :-)
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