Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Of Phantom and Social Service

Made a serendipitous discovery last evening. Mann thodha vichalit ho raha tha, so i started surfing the net for online issues of Phantom comics, when i stumbled upon this blog called thecomicproject. On this site, the guy has put up scanned copies of Indrajal Comics, published 20-22 years ago. Just imagine, a 30 page comic, scanned page by page, and uploaded on the net. And he's put up more than a 100 comics on it till now, the project continues. Think how painstakingly he would have had to work, every week, to upload one issue of 'just a comic' on the site!

Was wondering as to what could possibly be the motivation of such people. He is not getting any money out of this(the download is free), he is not standing for any public office, he has not even mentioned his name. While I am fundamentally against piracy of any kind (I don't download music/movies from the net, nor do i watch pirated DVDs), this case is an exception for the simple reason that these comics are not available in the market any more. So, even if you have oodles of moolah, you just can't buy an Indrajal Comic today. I personally would categorize this whole project as a social service in the true sense of the word- much better than what publicity hungry page 3 celebs do for the benefit of the camera!

Got extremely senti while going through the site. I have some of these comics at home, they are a part of my childhood, my growing up experience, and the site helped me reclaim a part of it! There is still hope for the world till people like tcp are there, working for it's betterment. Cheers to his ilk, may they grow and prosper! Ciao!

dude...while its a "they" not just a "he", you know..reading what you wrote made me feel ke giving myself a tiny pat on the back :-) Keep visiting. And I like your logic of Jagah dil me although its the exact opposite of my logic of "shaadi karni hai kya?"
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